‘Dreaming the New Dream’ RadioFM88 Australia Interview

In my interview, I share about my 13 Star Sign Astrology service and how this all began!

I mention a few references that you might be curious about later so here are a few of those links:

I mention Star Axis and the precession of the Equinoxes. I explain how my Green Dragon symbol was inspired by Gary Biltcliffe and Caroline Hoare’s books, Spine of Albion and Power of Centre. This all started with Sue Coulson’s Cosmic Classroom. Michael Poynder’s Earth Star book, Pi in the Sky, led me to understand the significance of the six pointed star, Metatron’s Cube and how we can align and enhance our connection with Earth’s gardens.
Of course, I have to mention Hamish Miller and the earth energy dragon lines of the Wessex Astrum and Rory Duff’s idea to meditate at nodal points at certain planetary alignments.

I enjoyed this interview so much!

Thank you🙏🌟🐉🐋

Watch it here:

RadioFM88 ~ https://radiofm88.com.au

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