Green Dragon Astrology

Anna Torlen is a 13 sign sidereal shamanic astrologist.

What I do!

Our astrology charts are our essentially our Ascension Blueprints. As a 13 sign sidereal astrologist, Galactic Dragon shaman and shamanic astrologist, I can help you navigate your stars and show you how our planets challenge us with lessons as well as set the stage of our life.

The information in our astrology charts symbolize the themes and stories that unfold throughout our life. Know your stars and you will know your life.

(Optional) I can combine your Ascension Blueprint with your Rainbow Dragon Numerology Report and deliver a message to you from the Star Beings and Rainbow Dragons for your Green Dragon Astrology Reading.

At the time of your birth, the stars created a map of your life. The current planetary alignments are building geometric ratios and are creating “songs of creation” on planet earth. These ratios and harmonics directly manifest your life substance.

Anna is a multidimensional starseed who works with astrology to offer Ascension Guidance.

When I read your Ascension Blueprint, I can share with you what lessons you are currently learning at this time. With Rainbow Dragon numerology, I will share with you which Rainbow Dragon Body you are working with at this time.

I use my Sky Guide App, 13 starsidereal astrology charts, shamanic astrology, Rainbow Dragon numerology, and my starseed experience to give you a Green Dragon Astrology Reading. 

Connect across to your Starlight Bridge!

You will receive the following information:

~ Zoom session (1 hr) (optional)

~ Sky Guide App Photos (email)

~ 13 Sign-Sidereal Astrology Chart and 12-Sign Tropical wheel + combined chart

~ 2 x 20 minute audio files (alignments and transits)

~ Ascension Guidance

~ Rainbow Dragon Numerology Report (optional)

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Why You’ll Love THIS! 

There has never been a time where we can view the sky at the time you were born using apps such as the Sky Guide app. Now, we can use this information combined with our Astrology Charts! 

During our zoom session (optional), we can discuss any questions that you may have about your 13 sign or 12 sign Astrology chart ( Ascension Blueprint) and (optional) your Rainbow Dragon numerology report!

You will learn about:

  • Sun, Moon, and Cross
  • Planetary aspects
  • Current transits
  • Numerology + current life path lessons 

As a Rainbow Starseed Shaman, I will be your Ascension Guide. With your Green Dragon Astrology Chart Reading, I will guide you across the Starlight Bridge and help you along your path of Ascension.

We can share about any of your soul-star connections to the Pleiades, Sirius, Lyra (Vega), Orion, Andromeda, Leo’s Regulus, Arcturus, and other stars.

NEW Rainbow Dragon Numerology Readings (optional):

Recently, while studying metaphysics, dowsing, astrology, astronomical alignments, architecture, earth-energy lines, and megalithic stone circles, I discovered rainbow-colored-earth-energy, the Rainbow Dragons. These Rainbow Dragons are connected to the earth and our rainbow bodies. Each Rainbow Body has a number associated with it as well as a color.

When I do a Green Dragon Astrology Reading, I am working with the Guardian Dragons of the planets and The Ten Dragon Bodies.

If you choose, I will give you a Green Dragon message from the 8th Earth Energy Body, the green and blue body of Integrity, about your numerology and the ten bodies that you are currently working on.

When, I read the numbers and stars of your life, you will become aware of the current state of your life process. With numerology, I can read which rainbow dragon body you are connecting to at this time. 

For example: the Green Dragon is from the 8th Rainbow Dragon Body and this is the body of Integrity. As we follow the stars in our blue sky, we are able to walk with integrity on our green planet earth. We walk centered, focused, and balanced on our life-path. The 8th Rainbow Body is green and blue. The Green Dragon helps us to understand the path of Integrity as we live life according to our Ascension Blueprint.

Do you know that we are made up of the same substance as the stars?

Yes, this is true. Therefore, how can we be separate? The stars are within us all.

image: Green Dragon from Diana Cooper’s Dragon Oracle Cards


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